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Breakthrough Coaching
for Creative Leaders

Creating Meaningful Connections
Between People & Possibilities

You’re an innovator, a visionary, a leader poised for transformation. You’re looking to do more than make a mark—you want to smash boundaries and unlock the limitless potential of your ideas. You’re ready for radical transformation and want a partner to accelerate your journey.

ShiftNova’s business and executive coaching is tailored for forward-thinkers like you ready to shift your perspective, ignite your creative spark, and create outcomes that innovate what’s possible.

Creative Leadership Coaching

One-to-one coaching to conquer creative blocks, spark innovation and inspire vision.

Business Strategy Coaching

Customized coaching to drive business growth, enhance strategy, and boost market effectiveness.
Shift teams to a client-centric mindset through design thinking techniques to elevate the customer experience.

Shift for Vision

Hi, I’m Joan Gaffney, Founder and Chief Executive Coach at ShiftNova. I founded ShiftNova on the belief that just a small shift in perspective enables us to see things we may have missed before—opening the door to new insights, possibilities, and growth. With over 25 years of experience as a business and marketing strategist, I understand how the relentless demands of the business world can stifle creativity and make us feel constrained in our choices. That’s why I use a holistic coaching approach supported by evidence-based techniques that blend insights from positive psychology, neuroscience, and leadership development. My goal is to empower you with the tools and strategies necessary to shift your mindset and create more value in your business and your life.

Shift with Purpose

The ShiftNova coaching experience is about going beyond the surface-level to address the underlying dynamics that drive you personally and professionally. We work exclusively with high-performing creative leaders open to challenge and committed to diving deep to create transformative change. We help you cut through the noise to focus on what truly matters: your growth, your goals, and your sustainable success.

Focused Strategy Sessions

We don’t do generic. Every journey begins with understanding you–your vision, challenges, and the unique context of your situation.

Private Coaching

Work closely with a coach who gets it—someone who has been there and knows how to navigate the complexities of personal and professional growth.

Structured Flexibility

Progress is a two-way street. We’re here to keep you accountable, listen, and adapt methods to evolve with you.

Practical Strategies

Real-world insights bridge theory to your unique challenges, ensuring actionable progress.

Work With A Certified Professional Coach

Shift to Resilience and Radiance
ShiftNova is designed to support you in creating real, tangible results. Our coaching model brings focus and accountability to your growth process while providing the tools and strategies you need to shift your thinking and create more value in your business and your life.
Increase Self-Awareness
Gain clarity on yourself, your values, your leadership style, and how you show up in the world. Identify your strengths and pinpoint areas for growth.
Build Resilience
Develop resilience to overcome challenges and move with confidence through unexpected twists and turns.
Enhance Emotional Intelligence
Discover how to manage emotional reactions, connect with others, and respond effectively for better relationships.
Refine Communication
and Conflict Resolution Skills
Master the art of effective communication, including active listening, conflict resolution, and feedback delivery.
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